1. Upload You Link Report

Upload the link report that you just got in a .txt format to Linkscore

2. Press the "Update" Button

Once you create your project and upload your link, press the Update button

3. Read The Report From Linkscore

Linkscore will reveal critical information about your links. # of Class-C IPs, # Deleted, Pageranks

What Is Linkscore?

Linkscore is the first of its kind Free Link Quality Assessment Tool. The SEO revolution has brought an endless number of services and link building programs which are usually charging hefty fees. Linkscore is your own link laboratory which will "undress" any given link building report and will point you to a whole range of critical factors, that will reveal the actual value of the service which you have just paid for:

- The Number of deleted links that were supposed to be alive
- The Number of do-follow and no-follow type of links
- The Number of Class-C IPs across which your links are hosted
- The Number of Unique Domain names that host your links
- The Indexed Rate of your Links In Google - both in absolute value and in a "%" rate
- The List With Non-indexed links
- What is the Pagerank of the domain on which your post/link is hosted
- What is the actual Pagerank of the page on which your link is now? Also what it will be after 6 months
- Keep track of all of your link building campaigns in one place and filter the better ones so you can know where you should spend your money
- Assess your content quality (how unique it is between different link URLS)
- What is the actual value of the links which you have paid for and how good exactly are they (own risk assesment formula)

Why you should use Linkscore

Linkscore is a free tool which will help you better understand what you are spending your money for. You can filter out the products and services which result in short-lived, not diversified links. You can also double check if the blog networks which you are buying links from are actually hosted across multiplce Class-C IPS. The basic plan is completely free of charge and it will not only give you a strong research tool in your SEO arsenal, but also will save you thousands of dollars. Furthermore it can save you a lot of time and it can prevent you from banning your own site by buying links that are not diverse and that are spammy.

How to gain from it?

Think of all the link building products, services and tools that you have been spending your money on. Think if you could know with one click of a button which exact ones are the ones that bring the results and traffic to your site? This is linkscore, and this is how you can gain from it. Analyze each newly bought link package in order to know if its worth the effort and if its worth focusing more on. Also use linkscore to analyze the results you are getting with your own tools and work your way to improve them by improving the diversity of Class-C IPs and the life expectancy of your links.